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Logo from the video game Second Life

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Virtual worlds are becoming popular within the corporate industry, and companies are beginning to invest in these though a Second Life marketplace. Since Second Life is the primary learning platform for these virtual worlds its is also been used by IBM to train and for e-learning. So prepare yourself!


Steve Jobs: The Leader of Technology


Steve Jobs will always be remembered as an ingenuity for technology and developer of many Apple products. In the tech business Steve Jobs’ approach to new and creative ideas such as the Macintosh computer, iPhone, iPod and his latest mobile device, the iPad will forever be associated with his name and his brand. Generation grew up with Steve Jobs’ fascination of designing new computers and technology that has really revolutionized how we communicate; in fact, most of Generation Y is always in toe with a Smartphone or some other mobile device. Steve Jobs has clearly influenced social networking and social media application, and keeping this generation plugged in 24/7.

RIP Steve Jobs.  You will surely be missed!

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Social Media Alert will provide information associated with the emerging trend of social media, mobile applications, and devices used for training and development. Today, there are many devices that can access training content and material, however, the question still remains as whether or not these devices platform can support the mobile applications.

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