Social Media and Alternate Reality Games(ARG)


Incorporating Alternate Reality Games((ARG) into the learning environment and Social Media would stimulate people to learn,but, only for those who find reality games fun. However, this method is designed to combine real life and digital games into a social learning environment that will encourage the learner.  Even though, there are some basic principles to follow for this type of design and interaction for learners, it would ultimately be up to the designer because everyone do not like gaming.  For example, the design must be engaging, and with the hope of helping the learner remain focus, and achieve the desire goals after participating in a ARG environment. In addition,  the technology platform that would be used for the mechanics of the games, must be able to accommodate the format. I believe this could  easily be incorporated on Facebook because it already has, the basic essential element to play online games. Maybe someday, a Facebook developer will come up with the idea to create a way, that inexperience creators can come on Facebook and create a ARG environment for training or teaching.


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