Affiliate Marketers Need Great Landing Pages


Everyone who is in affiliate marketing believes that their number one goal is to drive traffic to their site. And–I wouldn’t turn any traffic away from my site, no–not at all. But that is only one part of the equation. In this article we will look at the other critical factor on your landing page–how well it converts.

So you want to make sales online, either promoting your product or someone else’s. What it all boils down to really is this: Can your sales page convert visitors into buyers? All the traffic in the world doesn’t amount to a hill of beans unless your page converts.

What is a satisfactory conversion rate? One percent may be okay, but I’d shoot for more than that. If you can get a 3-4% conversion rate that means two things: You’ve got well-targeted traffic, and–your sales page is getting the conversions you need.

Now, a lot of times people will start out and create their own sales page. They hope it converts well and if it doesn’t they will tweak it every few days until it converts better. But what if you can’t get it to convert better?

Well, that may be because you are getting a lot of low quality traffic to your site… you know–tire kickers instead of buyers. Depending on how you are driving traffic to your site, perhaps you can use other methods to try to bring in a higher caliber of prospects.

The other thing to consider is your sales page itself. You may bringing in high-quality traffic, but you just don’t have the juice on your sales copy to make conversion. Here is what I do in that case.

I will do a Google search for the main keyword I am using to bring traffic to my site. You may have several keywords or phrases–but focus on the main one. Okay, now I really don’t care about the organic listings that come up–I only care about the AdWords ads appearing at the right of the page.

These people are paying for traffic. If their ads keep popping up on the first few pages of Google day after day, they must be making money (making conversions) or they would halt their campaign.

So go through every ad that appears on the first 4-5 pages of Google for your keyword and see what their landing page looks like. What are they doing that you are not? Are they giving away huge bonuses? Is their product prices higher or lower than yours? Do they have better graphics? How are they engaging the visitor and keeping them on board until the get to the “Click Here” button at the bottom of the page?

You can learn a lot from the competition and the education is free. Study your competitors and incorporate their best ideas into your own pitch page and you will experience higher conversions and more profits.

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