Paid Traffic vs Free Traffic Through Social Media by Nathan Holland


Paid Traffic vs Free Traffic Through Social Media
 by: Nathan Holland

With the increasing popularity of social media sites, the use of social traffic to drive visitors to sites, blogs or online stores is also gaining attention. Before the explosion of social media websites, such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, many online marketers focused on paid traffic in order to significantly boost the number of people visiting their websites. There is really nothing wrong with paid traffic strategies. In fact, these strategies can be very effective. However, they can be quite expensive. If you want your paid campaign to have an impact in your business, you may have to spend hundreds of dollars a day.

But with the social traffic solution, you will make use of social media sites that are free. All you need to do is invest a little of your time and participate in these types of websites. Create good quality materials that will help you maximize your traffic-enhancing strategies. It is important to note that simply having a profile in Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other types of social media sites does not guarantee an increase in your Web traffic. You need to know how to make your profile attractive to the people who matter, the ones that belong to your target market.

Another advantage of social traffic over paid traffic is the influence that you can gain in social media. As an influencer, you can affect people’s buying decisions. In order for your paid traffic to buy from your online store, you need to convince them with a great copy, huge discounts, and a lot of other freebies. But with web traffic coming from social media sites, people learn about you through viral marketing or word of mouth. This means that Web users who go to your site are already partially convinced that your product or service is good because someone from their social media network recommended you.

There is no doubt that paid traffic solutions can effectively encourage people to go to your site. However, this marketing campaign is only good if you have money to pay. Once you no longer have budget for PPC or banner ads, your traffic may also dwindle. The effect of social traffic is different. The efforts that you put in today may not have immediate effects on your traffic now, but it can definitely explode your online presence in the weeks or months to come. As long as you have your profile in social media sites and you continue to participate in such communities, you will experience an increase in your Web traffic.

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Paid Traffic vs Free Traffic Through Social Media by Nathan Holland.


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